Soldier and Spouse and Their Traveling House

Professional Endorsements

“Matthew Alan House writes the highly engaging narrative you see here: a travelogue that recounts his and his wife Deanna’s widespread travels and adventures (and comic misadventures) primarily on the European Continent. Particularly gratifying were their travels in and around England, Ireland, and Italy and Amsterdam, Paris, and Vilnius. Thinking about visiting Egypt? Read chapter 12 of Soldier and Spouse and Their Traveling House and think again. Planning to hit a few waterparks? Men, be prepared to wear a Speedo. Women, at some resorts you will stand out more, as it were, if you’re topped rather than topless.

Soldier and Spouse and Their Traveling House is a practical handbook for anyone planning to tour the 25 or more cities and countries this couple explores. But Matthew’s book is also a well-paced, involving, and a hilariously relatable human story. Matthew loves to shock Deanna with deviously engineered, creative excursions to surprising destinations. Deanna insists on knowing well in advance where they are going, whether they’ll need to pack a meal on that train ride, and how long they’ll be gone so she can plan what the heck to wear! Matthew narrates their larger story; but, appropriately enough, Deanna has the final chapter—and the final word. . . .”

Bruce Bickley, Professor of English Emeritus, Florida State University


“While knee-deep waters in Venice or icy winter winds buffeting a Baltic capital might dampen the spirits of a less determined traveler, freshly minted U.S. Army officer and newlywed Matthew Alan House is on a mission: to squeeze as much travel through Europe and beyond as his three-year posting to Germany allows. By his side is wife Deanna, who is less enamored of endless train rides or visiting cities in the midst of popular uprisings. Soldier and Spouse and Their Traveling House tells of a young couple’s exploration of both the continent’s most iconic sights and its less-explored corners, particularly in the offseason. Less glamorous aspects of European travel, from amorous noisy neighbors in the adjoining hotel room or shadowy dining companions in a darkened restaurant, add realism and reassure readers that hiccups along their own journeys are a natural occurrence. House’s constant drive to please his wife binds the narrative and lends it an unexpected tenderness.”

Karen Bradbury, Travel Columnist for European-based Stars and Stripes Newspaper


“Matthew Alan House takes you on a fun, exhilarating journey through the fresh and exciting family adventure that is part of early Army life. His humorous, yet humble, personal openness throughout naturally leaves the reader with a warm heart, and a greater appreciation for the sacrifices that all veterans make for our freedom.”

Rob Duggleby, Colonel, U.S. Army (retired) & Professor at Florida State University


“An inspiring travel book! Meet Matthew and Deanna, a young, bright-eyed, and enthusiastic military couple from the United States, as they embark on long train rides to Italy, make it through early (mis)adventures in Mexico and Spain, stumble unknowingly into the Berlin Pride Parade, struggle with food poisoning in Egypt, and wander through a flooded but beautifully romantic Venice, lovingly reconnecting after Matt’s year-long deployment to Iraq.

The account of Matthew and Deanna’s travels and travails is immensely readable and funny. But we also learn a lot about the world and its sometimes-strange customs (and foods!). Most importantly perhaps, we learn about the couple’s young marriage. While on the road with these two Americans, we witness their deep and growing love for each other. This strong bond of love, trust, and patience is the foundation for resilient and spirited military families across the country.”

Daniel Krebs, Ph.D., Lieutenant Colonel in the German Army Reserve, Historian, & Associate Professor at the University of Louisville


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