Soldier and Spouse and Their Traveling House

Soldier and Spouse and Their Traveling House

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Soldier and Spouse and Their Traveling House puts a witty spin on the dynamic of newlywed husband and wife trekking across two continents during their first three years of marriage. Who heads this household? The thrill-seeking soldier? Or the sensible spouse? Come along with this twenty-something military couple on their off-duty weekends as they dash in and out of trouble from the Emerald Isle to cruising down the Nile and many places in between—Western Europe, the Baltic, North Africa, the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranean.

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Ninh Binh with a Toddler: stairs, boats, and King Kong

Ninh Binh with a Toddler For our second domestic trip within Vietnam, we decided to go to Ninh Binh Province for two days and one night. Check out our activities as we explored Ninh Binh with a toddler. Day 1

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Phnom Penh with a toddler: Private river boat cruising and Cambodian history

Phnom Penh with a Toddler For our last leg of our 10-day trip, we headed to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Since we had a late afternoon flight we didn’t arrive in time to see much of the city. The airport is

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Bangkok with a Toddler: Leg two of our Thailand and Cambodia trip

Bangkok with a Toddler Coming from Chiang Mai, the flight time was only about an hour and we arrived early in the morning. We met our driver outside and headed for the hotel which was about an hour drive into

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Chiang Mai with a Toddler—Wats, Elephants, and PooPoo

Chiang Mai with a Toddler Chiang Mai is situated in northern Thailand surrounded by lush mountains. This ancient city is home to many Buddhist Temples and the old town area still has the remnants of the moat and portions of

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Kuala Lumpur with a toddler—parks and malls galore

Kuala Lumpur with a Toddler Kuala Lumpur, or commonly known as KL, is the capital of Malaysia. We visited KL once before as a port of call on a cruise we took in Southeast Asia back in 2013. However, on

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Hong Kong with a Toddler-Unprepared for the Cold

Hong Kong with a Toddler Hong Kong is an autonomous region of China, made up of several islands just south of the mainland of China. It has a gorgeous city skyline with skyscrapers on the two main populated areas of

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Phu Quoc with a Toddler – What to Do and Not to Do

Phu Quoc with a Toddler Phu Quoc, Vietnam—or Phú Quốc, Việt Nam—was our first trip since we landed in the Vietnamese capital in late December. No visa, no cold weather, no problem, right? Onward to Phu Quoc, the southwesternmost territory (and island)

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Living in Hanoi with a Toddler: First Impressions

Arriving in Hanoi with a Toddler This post will be a little taste about our first impressions of living in Hanoi with a toddler. We arrived in Hanoi on December 30 at 11 pm, and made it to our apartment,

Traveling with a Toddler Internationally

Our Journey to Hanoi, Vietnam—Part II: California to Vietnam Following Christmas with my family, we jetted out of California to our final destination—Hanoi, Vietnam! And, we started out this leg of the trip with again, another two-hour drive to the

Traveling with a Toddler Coast to Coast

Traveling Houses

Our Journey to Hanoi, Vietnam—Part 1: Florida to California After traveling with a toddler, we finally made it to Hanoi—the capital of Vietnam! This is a culmination of excitement as we’ve been destined to live here since being notified two

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