Matthew Alan House

Matthew Alan House, Traveling Houses, Soldier and SpouseMatthew Alan House is an inquisitive and adventurous U.S. Army officer who moonlights as a haphazard globetrotter during his off-duty weekends. With Army postings in Germany and Japan, an Iraq combat tour, as well as assignments in the United States—Arizona, California, Florida, and Virginia—Matthew knows a thing or two about gallivanting around the world. He learns best by the trial-and-error method. . . . He is a top 10% officer who attended the Army-sponsored prestigious strategic leadership seminar at the University of Louisville (2015), served as subject-matter expert trainer for deploying units at the Army’s premier National Training Center, and commanded the Army’s largest forward-deployed company in Japan with distinction. But, his tactical abilities have yet to translate into savvy sightseer sensibilities—as he is destined to commit egregious hiccups in the cities he visits, thus constantly testing the patience and compassion of his loving spouse, Deanna.

Matthew Alan House holds a B.A. in International Studies from the University of West Florida (2006) and holds two Master’s degrees—a M.A. in Political Science from the American Military University (2012) and a M.A. in Asian Studies from the Florida State University (2017). He previously wrote for two distinguished military publications—ARMY Magazine and the Vanguard Journal. He is fluent in Vietnamese and is currently on assignment in Vietnam as part of his unique Army career as a Foreign Area Officer. Matthew is a native Floridian and he and Deanna have one daughter, Lily. Follow him on social media as you’re guaranteed insights—mostly into what not to do!

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